Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Policy

We value contact and communication with people in each country and region.
As each employee voluntarily engages in social contribution activities as a member of the local community, this can lead not only to the development of the local community, but also to contribution to social issues. We hope that the awareness and fulfillment gained there will lead to improved motivation of the employees themselves in their life and work.

  • 1.Through our business, we will create a society where our company can coexist with the local region.
  • 2.We will cooperate with the local community and promote continuous activities that grasp their requests, expectations, and needs.
  • 3.We will raise employee awareness of volunteering and encourage and support community programs.

Six Circles of Social Contribution Activities

Six Circles of Social Contribution Activities

Social Welfare

We help people who need some kind of support or assistance in their daily lives.

Participating in volunteer activities

Employees participate in volunteer activities run by local governments in each community.

Blood drives

Blood drives run by Kagawa Red Cross Blood Center are generally held twice a year at the Takuma Division, the Technology Center, and the Hagiwara Plant.
Blood drives were held four times at each business location during FY 2022, with a total of 93 people donating.

Mask Donations

We donated 80,000 masks to the Osaka City Council of Social Welfare.

Environmental Conservation

We aim to help with environmental conservation by participating in greening activities at the factories, engaging in clean-up initiatives in the area around the factories, and river and coastal cleanup projects run by local governments and support groups.

Tree planting and greening activities

Trees and flowers that represent the city were planted in the green areas of our business locations as part of greening activities. In 2022, eight cherry blossom trees, which are the official tree of Mitoyo, were planted at the Takuma Division.

River, coastal, and road cleanup (beautification) activities

In November 2022, 19 employees participated in All Kagawa Beach's Clean Up Campaign run by Kagawa Marine Litter Countermeasures Promotion Committee, helping clean Ariake Beach (in Kanonji).

Beach cleanup project: Volunteer beach cleanup activities

Beach cleanup project: Volunteer beach cleanup activities

Business location area cleanup (beautification) activities

We engage in regular cleanup activities in the areas around our business locations such as the Takuma Division, the Technology Center, the Hagiwara Plant, and the Iwaki Plant.

Business location area cleanup (beautification) activities

Volunteer cleanup activities around our business locations

Disaster Support

We also aim to develop community support activities that improve disaster countermeasures in response to earthquakes, and torrential rains and flooding caused weather anomalies.

Provision of emergency evacuation facilities during disasters

In 2022, we reached an agreement with the city of Iwaki to open the Iwaki Plant parking lot to local residents as a temporary evacuation spot during disasters.

Provision of drinking water and supplies during disasters

We have a framework in place for distributing supplies, such as stockpiles of emergency supplies stored at each business location, to affected areas during disasters.
Supplies were sent to the Iwaki Plant during the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, which were then distributed to local residents.

Human Resource Development

In order to train a diverse range of personnel who will be responsible for the future, we aim to engage in human development for the next generation through traveling lectures and the operational support of the Kondo Memorial Foundation.

Traveling lectures at local high schools

By touching on details of our business and the meaning behind working, we help youngsters who will be responsible for the community to grow. Traveling lectures were held at Kanonji Sogo High School in December 2021.

Operation and support of the Kondo Memorial Foundation

We support operations at the Kondo Memorial Foundation*. The foundation contributes to the development of society by providing scholarships for personnel training, and research grants for academic promotion.

* The Kondo Memorial Foundation was established in honor of Toyo Tanso founder, the late Kondo Teruhisa. It currently counts Toyo Tanso stocks as its main basic funds, and is not an affiliated company.

Safe and Secure Towns

We aim to help create safe and secure towns by encouraging employees to join the volunteer fire department and engage in traffic safety initiatives.

Joining local volunteer fire departments

We contribute to local disaster prevention by encouraging employees to join local volunteer fire departments.
As of the end of 2021, 38 workers at the Takuma Division, the Technology Center, the Hagiwara Plant, and the Iwaki Plant were assigned to and active at local volunteer fire departments.


We aim to improve the community through revitalization initiatives and by actively contributing to solving local issues.

Cooperating with events by providing company facilities

We make the factory parking lot available while the Kanonji Hagi Festival is under way.

Contributing to community events and revitalization projects

We sponsor and support various festivals in Kanonji, such as the Zenigata Festival and Hagi Festival, and the Takuma Port Festival in Mitoyo,during the 2022 festival season, we provided ¥384,000 in support.
In 2022 and 2023, we donated ¥10 million for each of the two consecutive years to The Lake Hozanko Ball Park Project:supporting children's Dreams.

Volunteer cleanup activities around our business locations

The Presentaion Ceremony of the donation to local Municipality by the corporate

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