Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement: Our vision and belief

The Toyo Tanso Group conducts procurement activities in line with the Procurement Policy described below. The policy prescribes sustainable procurement activities, as well as fair and appropriate transactions. In addition, Toyo Tanso works with its suppliersin procurement, in order to fulfill environmental and social responsibilities across its global supply chain.

Procurement Policy
  • 1) Global procurement
    We offer open business opportunities to all suppliers, regardless of their nationality, scale, and market, whether or not they have had business with us before, based on the principle of free competition, to procure good components and services from the most appropriate regions, through suppliers across the world.

  • 2) Fair and correct selectio
    We evaluate and select our suppliers in a fair and correct manner, considering, in a comprehensive manner, their compliance with regulations and social norms, as well as quality, prices, lead time, supply stability, services, proposal ability, information-gathering ability, technical capabilities, environmental conservation, and financial health.

  • 3) Protection of information and trust
    We comply with laws, regulations, and social norms concerning procurement and purchasing activities, as well as building mutual understanding and trust with our suppliers, in order to coexist and co-prosper with them.
    We manage and protect confidential information and personal information obtained through our business transactions in an appropriate manner, and will not disclose such information to third parties without obtaining approval from our suppliers.

  • 4) Green procurement
    We prioritize recycling and energy and resource conservation in consideration of the environment, in order to help realize a sustainable society. We also promote green procurement by using components that do not contain hazardous chemicals, in order to help reduce the environmental burden.

We will stably procure what is necessary for business continuity.
We will stably procure what is necessary for business continuity.

Conceptual diagram of Sustainable Procurement

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