Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Measures

We aim to create safer, better working environments not only for our employees, but for everyone involved in the carbon business.
We are engaged in efforts to achieve workplace safety, nipping dangerous situations in the bud by effectively utilizing near misses and risk assessments.

Toyo Tanso Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy

  • 1.New Year zero accident initiatives and making known the health and safety plan for the current fiscal year
  • 2.Promoting health maintenance
  • 3.Thorough environmental, health, and safety training and increasing safety awareness
  • 4.Thorough measures to reduce industrial waste
  • 5.Preventing heat stroke by raising awareness of its dangers
  • 6.Improving work environments
  • 7.Year-end zero accident initiatives
  • 8.Reviewing current fiscal year health and safety activities and planning activities for the next fiscal year


Toyo Tanso is aiming for zero accidents.

2022 Targets 2022 Results
Occupational accidents 0 5
Traffic accidents 0 perpertrators 6 perpertrators

Occupational Accident Frequency and Severity Rates

Frequency rate
Severity rate

※1 Number of occupational accidents and deaths per one million hours actually worked, an indication of the occupational incidence rate.
No. of occupational accidents and deaths / No. of hours actually worked x 1,000,000

※2 Number of workdays lost per one thousand hours actually worked, an indication of occupational incidence severity.
No. of workdays lost / No. of hours actually worked x 1,000

Environmental Health and Safety Committee Activities

The Environmental Health and Safety Committee is engaged in efforts to create working environments where all employees can manufacture products in a safe, healthy manner.

  • 1.Accidents are prevented from recurring thanks to horizontal expansion of solutions developed using analysis of the causes behind emergencies and accidents.
  • 2.Accidents are prevented by sharing reports on near misses with the entire company.
  • 3.Thorough legal compliance is ensured by sharing revisions of laws and regulations.

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