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In the face of the unprecedented crisis of global expansion of COVID-19,
As a social aspect of a company that is more important than ever, "Respect for human rights", "Consideration for health and safety", "Wellbeing", "Promotion of dialogue with customers and investors", "Establishment of appropriate relationships with business partners in the supply chain", "Harmony with employees and local communities","Improvement of employee engagement", "Promotion of diversity", etc., We aim for sustainable growth as a company that provides correct and appropriate consideration.
This site introduces our basic concept and outline of human capital, productivity improvement, social contribution activities, promotion of SX and DX through IT grand design, etc.

Positioning and Thoughts of HR Activities for Sustainability

In the rapidly changing business environment, globalization, the declining working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the progress of DX, and the transformation of new work systems, values, and business models due to the impact of the novel corona virus pandemic, we are promoting the construction of a human resources environment that contributes to building a sustainable society.

In addition to aiming to be a company that is an easy and rewarding place for employees to work, we are emphasizing respect for diversity, staffing with the right people in the right places, human resource development over the medium to long term, promotion of health and productivity management, and improvement of engagement through fair evaluation and comprehensive compensation policies.

Through these various personnel measures, we will maximize the performance of people and organizations and continue to provide a foundation for each individual to take on challenges with passion and pride, all of which aims at creating a society in which everyone's safety and security are ensured.

Human resources are our most important asset, and we believe that employee growth is the driving force behind the company's development. Based on the human resources issues broken down into 11 categories in the figure below, we respect diverse individuality that is rich in ideas and that will contribute to building a sustainable future.

Respect for Human Rights

Nowadays, as society's demand for human rights issues has increased, the enaction of rules and laws related to human rights continues to progress both inside and outside of Japan,We believe that protecting the human rights of all people affected by our business activities is one of the most important factors in strengthening our sustainable business foundation. We support and respect the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and are committed to respecting and working for the human rights of our employees and all stakeholders.

Diversity & Inclusion

We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in ensuring sustainable growth, both for the Group and society. Our basic principle is to prohibit discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, age, disability, or any other criteria. We aim to foster a corporate culture full of trust and co-creation, in which employees with different values and ideas can respect each other and feel rewarded by their work.

Diversity & Inclusion

Productivity Improvement Activities

Improvement of motivation and job satisfaction through productivity improvement activities


The declining working population due to population decline is a serious social problem, and improving productivity is an extremely important and permanent issue for companies.
We will provide a foundation for employees to challenge more advanced and strategic work by invigorating human resources and active time by improving productivity.
Currently, the entire company, including both manufacturing and indirect departments, are working as a team to improve productivity.
Through these efforts, we will foster a corporate culture that increases motivation and job satisfaction while having each person demonstrate their individual character and skills.

Improvement of motivation and job satisfaction through productivity improvement activities

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement--Our Policy and Thoughts

The Toyo Tanso Group conducts procurement activities based on the purchasing policy below. This policy includes conducting sustainable procurement activities, as well as conducting fair and impartial transactions. In addition, when conducting procurement activities, we will work with our business partners to fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities throughout the global supply chain.

Purchasing policy

We offer fair opportunities for all companies to participate, and we choose our suppliers regardless of nationality, size, geographic location, or past results.

We take into consideration in a fair and impartial manner, the quality, price, delivery time, supply stability, service, innovation, information, financial status, technology, and other factors when choosing suppliers.

3) Trust
We respect the law and regulations and never disclose proprietary information or data shared during business relationships to any third party, in order to build mutual understanding and relationships based on trust.

4) Environmentally conscious purchasing
We work to promote environmentally conscious purchasing - through recycling and conservation of energy and natural resources - in order to do our part to help resolve some of the problems facing the environment today.

We will stably procure what is necessary for business continuity.
We will stably procure what is necessary for business continuity.

Conceptual diagram of Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement Guidelines are under development.

Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Policy

We value contact and communication with people in each country and region.
As each employee voluntarily engages in social contribution activities as a member of the local community, this can lead not only to the development of the local community, but also to contribution to social issues. We hope that the awareness and fulfillment gained there will lead to improved motivation of the employees themselves in their life and work.

  • 1.Through our business, we will create a society where our company can coexist with the local region.
  • 2.We will cooperate with the local community and promote continuous activities that grasp their requests, expectations, and needs.
  • 3.We will raise employee awareness of volunteering and encourage and support community programs.

Social Contribution Activities

Community participation and development

Social Contribution Activities

Contribution the local community
The four factories in Kagawa Prefecture are actively engaged in social contribution in collaboration with the local community.

  • Joining the local fire brigades and supporting regional disaster prevention and rescue in the event of natural disasters
  • Cleaning up around the factories and in the surrounding areas
  • Sponsorship and participation in festivals, community events, and sports events

Employee development and academic promotion
Toyo Tanso supports the operation of the Kondo Zaidan, a public interest foundation that is currently primarily funded by Toyo Tanso stock. Established at the behest of our founder, the late Teruhisa Kondo, the foundation contributes to social development through its scholarship program and to academic research through its research grant program.

Quality Assurance activities

Based on the ISO9001 quality system, we will improve customer satisfaction, manufacture products that are not found anywhere else, offer the highest level of quality, and build a global quality system to share impressions with customers.
We provide quality products and technology, and to achieve this, we engage in quality activities and improvements in each process, from design and development to production, sales, and service.

Quality Assurance activities

Control system about product liability

We establish control regulations about product liability, and not only work for the prevention of an accident caused by defects in products at each step such as product planning, designing, manufacturing, sales, but construct proper response system in case of an accident.

IT Grand Design

We have formulated an IT Grand Design to make our sustainability transformation a reality. At present, we have identified important issues based on our medium-term management plan and analysis of the business environment, and are prioritizing the identified themes for development activities.
We will advance our digital transformation by promoting globally coordinated business intelligence, improving productivity through data science using AI and IoT, upgrading management through data management, strengthening security measures against cyber-attacks, building a stable and scalable IT infrastructure using cloud computing, and developing human resources who will be responsible for these efforts. By promoting SX and DX, we will not only support our growth strategy and management reform, but also contribute to solving social issues.

IT Grand Design

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