Risk management and BCP policy

We will carry out our social responsibilities as a company by protecting the value of our customers, when an unforeseen event occurs that has a significant impact on the Group, such as a large-scale disaster or pandemic, we will prioritize respect for life, ensure the safety and security of employees, their families, and the local community, and continue our business.
We will collect information on important risks to the Group, evaluate them, and take preventive measures, and strive to spread risk awareness to all employees.

BCP Policy
  • 1.Fulfill our supply and social responsibilities by continuing supply through continuous development and review of our global BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and early restoration of business.
  • 2.In the event of a large-scale disaster or emergency, we give top priority to securing human lives and strive to prevent the spread of disasters to surrounding areas to ensure the safety and security of the local community.
  • 3.Important risks that should be prioritized and could have a significant impact on company management will be identified, deliberated on, analyzed, and have countermeasures prepared for them.
  • 4.We will enhance that education and training in order to instill employee risk awareness and improve risk sensitivity.
BCP Policy

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