Procurement information

Purchasing policy


We offer fair opportunities for all companies to participate, and we choose our suppliers regardless of nationality, size, geographic location or past results.


We take into consideration in a fair and impartial manner, the quality, price, delivery time, supply stability, service, innovation, information, financial status, technology and other factors when choosing suppliers.


We respect the law and regulations and never disclose proprietary information or data shared during business relationships to any third party. This is in order to build mutual understanding and a relationship of trust.

Environmentally conscious purchasing

We work to promote environmentally conscious purchasing - through recycling and conservation of energy and natural resources - in order to do our part to help resolve some of the problems facing the environment today.

Purchasing protocol

Standard procedure for initiating purchase of products

Once these steps have been cleared, the process moves on to the next stage.
※The order and content of particular steps may vary depending on the situation.

1.Product Presentations and Proposals
Presentations of your products may be made at any of our purchasing locations in our company and that of our domestic and overseas subsidiaries (see Company Infomation/Business Location) with prior consultation.
2.Evaluation of Your Company
We appraise your company and evaluate your company's proposals in a comprehensive manner.
・The quality, specifications, and safety of the products.
・The price, delivery time and supply stability.
・The service, technology, information, quality controls of your company.
・The financial status of your company, its future and reliability.
3.Requests for Quotations and Evaluations
We request detailed quotations and specifications and evaluate their content.
4.Requests for Samples and Evaluations
We order samples and evaluate them.
5.Negotiation of Business Transactions and Awarding of Contracts
We negotiate the price, payment terms etc and after negotiations are finalized enter into a contract. (As a general principle, our business transactions conditions apply for contracts).

Procurement Inquiry

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