Corporate Philosophy

Mastering the full potential of carbon as an industry pioneer

Distributed widely throughout the natural world, the element carbon has been used by humankind since time immemorial.

We at the Toyo Tanso Group focused our attention on the hidden and limitless potential of carbon early on in our history and embarked on a creative and innovative pursuit of the material's secrets that continues today. In this mission we have been inspired by a founding ethos that seeks to pioneer new materials with an emphasis on specialization in highly functional fields. Today, you'll find Toyo Tanso products and technologies hard at work in an extensive range of domains, from everyday life to aerospace, medicine, and solar and atomic power.

Yet the true potential of carbon remains untapped and unknown. Used in combination with other elements and materials such as metals and ceramics, carbon promises to assume new roles in an increasingly broad array of fields.

As incessant change continues in the world around us, the Toyo Tanso Group is committed to achieving continued growth and innovation on the global stage thanks to an unshakable enthusiasm for tapping the full potential of carbon to commercialize new materials, a commitment to developing new applications for the material, and a pioneering spirit that embraces challenge. Our timeless and most basic policy of improving customer satisfaction will be further enhanced. We are dedicated to earning the respect of our customers and making a meaningful contribution to society by providing unparalleled quality, pricing, speed of delivery, and technical service worldwide.

Toyo Tanso looks forward to exceeding your highest expectations as we continue to move forward by boldly challenging the state of the art.

Representative Director
Chairman & President, CEO
Naotaka Kondo

Fundamental philosophy

The TOYO TANSO GROUP contributes to the world through the pursuit of the possibilities inherent in carbon(C).

Management policies

  1. With the raising of the level of customer satisfaction constituting the predominant theme of management, we shall aim to provide optimal levels of quality, delivery times, costs, and services and engage in corporate activities accordingly.
  2. Through carbon technologies, it is our goal to be a constantly growing, future-oriented corporate group highly trusted by shareholders and the general public.
  3. We are committed to building a rewarding workplace that respects the independence and creativity of employees, encourages employees to have goals, and permits fair evaluations.
  4. Based on compliance with laws and social norms, we shall observe public order as well as contribute to society through conscientious and fair corporate activities.
  5. We shall aim to coexist in a state of consonance with people, carbon technologies, and the natural environment and engage in corporate activities that will contribute to the conservation of the global environment.