Countermeasures against COVID-19 pandemic

We will protect the safety and health of our employees as well as our families, and as a result, protect our factories. We will protect the company and, in turn, the local community.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to the families of those who have died due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, and our heartfelt sympathies go out to all those affected.
I would also like to express my most profound respect to the healthcare professionals who are committed to treating patients at the forefront of medical care every day.
The Toyo Tanso Group will continue to place the utmost importance on the safety and security of all of our employees and their families, as well as that of our customers, business partners, and group companies, by coordinating closely with national and local governments, medical institutions, and other stakeholders concerned and taking prompt and appropriate measures.

Status of Infection Prevention Measures

On February 3, 2020, we established a countermeasures headquarters led by the Director and General Manager of the Administration Division, and we have been working to prevent the spread of infection, including the development of manuals related to preventing infection and preventing its spread in the case of infection, such as guidelines for infection, and the provision of masks to all employees. In addition, we have been building a global mutual support system by closely linking information with each site in each of our affiliated companies, sharing the status of the infection and working environments in each region, and quickly making policy decisions on necessary measures.
As for the contents of the initiatives, measures at domestic offices are as follows.

Measures of infection prevention

mask Temperature measurement
  • ・ Distribution of masks to all employees
    (Unicharm 4-layer coating masks made in Japan).
  • ・ Distribution of face shields and hand sanitizing spray to business travelers .
  • ・ Thorough education and enforcement of hand washing, hand disinfection, and cough etiquette.
  • ・ Frequent ventilation (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00).
  • ・ Installation of company-wide disinfection spray and paper towels.
  • ・ Installation of gargle medicine in the wash space of toilets .
  • ・ Thorough disinfection of desks, etc. at the end of work.
  • ・ Promotion of online conferences, training, factory tours, and webinars.
  • ・ Temperature inspection and health checks before going to work (judgment of workability).
  • ・ Installation of hand sanitizer at the entrances to workplaces.
  • ・ Wearing masks while commuting or working.
  • ・ Self-restraint regarding domestic business trips, prohibition of overseas business trips, restrictions on visitors.
  • ・ Installation of acrylic partitions, etc. in offices and conference rooms.
  • ・ Setting reduced maximum number of users in conference rooms and thorough disinfection after use.
  • ・ Staggering of breaks and meal times.
  • ・ Prohibition of face-to-face eating in employee cafeterias.
  • ・ Treating vaccination hours as working hours and deciding on policies for special paid leave when adverse reactions develop.
  • ・ Application for inoculation by employment (applied).
  • ・ Stockpiling PCR tests and antigen test kits, for prompt inspections to be carried out on business travelers, factory visitors, close contacts, etc.

Reduction of attendance

We are working to reduce the number of employees who go to work by utilizing telecommuting (teleworking), except at manufacturing sites where work cannot be accomplished from home. In addition to the number of new infected people at each site, the reduction rate is reviewed every two weeks to determine the contents of announcements from the government and local governments. As of Augast 10, 2021, the reductions by site are as follows.

  • Osaka Head Office: 70%
  • Tokyo Office: 80%
  • Nagoya Office: 70%
  • Kyushu Office: 70%
  • Hiroshima Office: 60%
  • Tohoku Office: 40%
  • Hokuriku Office: 40%

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