Making philosophy

Where're our products?


Toyo Tanso products, fruits of our expectations for carbon materials, are utilized all around us.

The progress of our research and development is linked to the number of demands from our customers. We see meeting the needs of every one of our customers as a chance for developing our business. Meeting a diverse range of needs has led to the expansion of our products and business.

End products and Workpieces

Semi-conductor applications

Graphite is an indispensable material in variety of applications, including crucibles and heaters for single crystal silicon pulling furnaces, SiC graphite coatings for epitaxial growth systems (used in growing films on the surface of semi-conductor wafers), and in solar cell and liquid crystal display manufacture.

Semi-conductor applications crucibles,heaters,SiC graphite coatings,solar cell,liquid crystal display manufacture

Metallurgical applications

A wide range of applications, most notably the use of high-purity graphite in optical fiber manufacturing equipment. Also used in electrical discharge machining, continuous casting dies, industrial furnaces, and in glass and quartz manufacture.

Metallurgical applications high-purity graphite fiber manufacturing equipment,electrical discharge machining,continuous casting dies,industrial furnaces,glass and quartz manufacture

Mechanical applications

The qualities of carbon make it suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including bearings, packing seals, vanes, and the slider installed on the pantograph in the power system for electric trains.

Mechanical applications bearings,packing seals,vanes,the slider installed on the pantograph,electric trains

Electrical applications

We supply carbon brushes with a long service life and high efficiency for general industrial, domestic appliance and power tool motors. Our materials have excellent wear resistance, so they are used as trolley wheels and shoes for supplying electricity.

Electrical applications domestic appliance and power tool motors,trolley wheels and shoes

Specialized applications

Our products are used in the core of high temperature gas reactors and nuclear fusion reactors in the atomic energy industry. We provide high quality products in specialist fields with extremely stringent reliability demands.

Specialized applications the core of high temperature gas reactors and nuclear fusion reactors in the atomic energy