Making philosophy

Behind the scenes


Our passion for research and development is polishing our high-level skills.

Our research and development program continues even after our successful development of isotropic graphite. We are proud that our pioneering spirit has led to the improvement of technical capabilities and our position as a leader in the specialized carbon industry.

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Our state-of-the-art analysis equipment allows us to create innovative products and proposals

The objective of Toyo Tanso research and development

It is our mission to provide customers with the best standards of technology and highly reliable products. Typically, research and development proceeds as follows. First is the search for the finest qualities for the carbon material itself. Second is the creation of new applications. We perform joint research with users from all over the world to look for materials that can replace ones conventionally used, and proactively seek to develop new products.

Basic research to support product development

Our unique, wide-ranging product lineup is supported by a complete basic research system. In recent years we have faced greater and more diversified demands from our users. In response, our basic research enables us to gather a large amount of analysis data, which is used in the manufacture of materials with qualities suitable for a wide range of product grades. The results are then fed back into the production process.